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Buddypress register page not there!

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    Hi there.

    After searching this, and other, forums i give up.
    Ive installed the latest buddypress (1.9.1) along with gamepress theme. WordPress version (3.8). My site:
    Ive tried to activate twentyelleven themes and others to see if it was the theme that didn work along with buddypress.

    Ive set the “anyone can register” under “setting->general”
    Ive made a bunch of profile fields under “users”

    My problem:
    The second i “Associate WordPress Pages with the following BuddyPress Registration pages” – and saves, that specifik page i associated with disapears from my website!?

    Can anyone please help me?

    Thankx, Kristian.

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    Have you tried to hit the button Save Permalinks settings again?

    Maybe that will help.

    Also look at the Pages section if you don’t have any pages in the trash – maybe an older ‘register page’ is still active in the trash.

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    Now ive just deleted all pages in the trash and ive save permalinks under settings – no luck. If i under the “settings -> buddypress -> pages -> press the “view” button “register” i get to the front page!?

    Any ideas?

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    David Cavins


    You’ll need to logout to visit the register page. (If you’re already logged in, then you don’t need to register.)

    I usually fire up a second browser to see what the non-logged-in user sees. In this case, it’s the only way to visit the register page.

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    Ive done that aswell. Forgot to mention, did on my other computer and iPad – no luck 🙁

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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