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BuddyPress Registration Component

  • Ibrahim Ismail


    Hello everyone,

    I recently installed BuddyPress on my website and have found everything to be working smoothly. The only issue I am having is placing a registration page on my website for my users to register with.

    In my WordPress administration dashboard I have gone to Settings>BuddyPress>Pages> where I am given the option to assign pages for my “Directories” components(Activity Streams, User Groups, Members) and “Registration” components(Register, Activate).

    The pages for the “Directories” components were auto-generated by the plugin and those pages work great. The pages for the “Registration” components on the other hand are not working at all. I created a new page for both components and assigned a page to each. The pages themselves are not showing up in the navigation bar of the website and when I visit the pages directly by typing in the URL I am simply redirected to my homepage.

    Has anyone encountered this issue or know how to fix it? I would really appreciate the help. Thanks so much.

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  • bp-help


    If your logged in you would be redirected to the home page. Its default behavior. Try logging out then typing the url. Search on here for similar threads because this has been covered many times over and you should find the solution in those threads.

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