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Buddypress reply-message

  • wybezeyl


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    How can we customize the private messages, send by buddypress-users to each other? What we would like to do: Add a question in the message-content, that gives the sender the option if having the receiver to choose from a multiple choice question. (example: Sender asks: what is your favorite football team: Ajax, Barcelona or Juventus? Receiver responds with the name of his/her favorite team.)
    We already know how to send multiple choice options to a receiver. These options are saved in the MySql-database. The receiver gets al list with radiobuttons.
    The problem is that the receiver can check a radiobutton, but his choice is not sent to the original sender, nor is it saved in the database.
    The only thing that is sent back and saved is what you type in the message-reply-box.
    We already added an input textfield where the reciever types his/her choice in. This textfield is under the reply-box. But the content is not saved or sent when you click the reply-button.
    We use WordPress version 5.6.1.
    We use buddypress 7.1.0.
    Our website is
    -Theme: twentytwenty
    The program-file is: bp-custom.php.
    In this file bp-custom we use add_action( ‘bp_after_messages_compose_content’, function() for adding the multiple-choice things when sending a message. This works fine.
    In this file bp-custom we use add_action( ‘bp_after_message_reply_box’, function() for adding the choice of the receiver to the reply-message.
    He or she can type his/her choice in an input-textfield.
    Unfortunately this does not work.
    So only the content of the classic message-reply textarea is sent and saved and not the content of the additional input-textfield.

    Can anyone help us?
    Thanks in advance.

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