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BuddyPress restrict User Activity

  • Codieslab


    I want to below functionality in buddy press .

    Is there any plugin or hook so we can restrict user activity .

    We need to following functionality with buddypress .

    01-Member can only post limited number of posts (2 posts/day?) in a day.
    02-Member can only send limited number of messages (5 messages/day) in a day.
    03-Member can add only one photo/multimedia to each post, no more.
    04- Member could only add 5 photos + 1 video to his profile, no more.
    05-No photo or video albums allowed. Shared photos will not be included in photos.

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  • Henry Wright


    1. You could use user meta to store a post count
    2. You could use user meta to store a message count
    3. This could use post meta
    4. User meta
    5. Are you using an album plugin?

    You could run a scheduled task to remove the daily meta after 24h. I’m not aware of a plugin which will do all of this so I think custom code would be needed.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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