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Buddypress schedule matches between members

  • fr3dricks0n


    I have a tennis website that Im creating. Im using buddypress and sportspress pro. I found a way for users to post scores and have me approve and post those. Players can message each other and everything through buddypress. I used “match me” so players can find each other based on common traits, but I want to be able to add a tab on each user profile that says “schedule a match.” or something along the lines of that. They just need to be able to choose a time and location (I need to be able to input tennis court locations) and maybe an ical? doesnt have to be perfect, at this point it just has to work! so ideas would be appreciated. I figure I could use Sportspress for tournaments since i can set those events, but for basic league matches its a bit challenging since players would have to create their own event on the front end (which sportspress does not have as a feature)

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