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BuddyPress Security

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    Had our first Hacker attack…


    It was a friend’s acquaintance trying to prove a point

    so kinda silly – and taken care of.

    But it did bring Security issues to mind.

    Thankfully the Group-Notifications plug-in has some anti-spam measures.

    Any ideas on how to Baton Down the Hatches for BuddyPress?

    We need to keep it open to registration and activity.

    But how do we squash and ban certain unruly users quickly and effectively?

    I now have WP plug-ins installed: Ban Hammer and WP-Ban

    which are good for banning IPs, hostnames, etc.

    But what about on the BP side?

    How do we moderate Activity feeds especially?

    Let us know some thoughts and ideas.

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  • FYI, Ban Hammer doesn’t work on WPMU 3.0 right now which … I don’t plan on fixing, since WPMU has a built-in ban filter. The problem is that BuddyPress is ignoring the built-in Ban Filter of WPMU. I’ve never tested it on WPMU 2.9.x

    Ban Hammer works fine on a single install of WP 3.0, though.

    See for the Banned domains filtering issue with BuddyPress



    Hey, yea, that may be why users started getting warning messages about the includes.
    I’m running WPmu 2.9.3.

    I noticed the WP Discussion Bans don’t work for BP sign ups.
    That’s why I tested out Ban Hammer and WP-Ban.

    But after the Warning messages, I ended up deleting both of the Ban plugins.

    Okay, so now how do I clear up my includes so I can clear up the warning / error messages?

    Please let me know about that. That would be much appreciated.

    And any advice on how best to moderate BP is appreciated.


    The problem with Ban Hammer is I never bothered to plug into the WPMU register screen, let alone the BP one :)

    What error/warning messages are you getting? Ban Hammer SHOULD clean itself up when it gets deactivated.

    FYI, I’m running the following plugins and they seem to be stopping/slowing spammers:

    Bad Behavior

    Also I use this in my .htaccess

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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