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BuddyPress Showoff: Post your links

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    Using the default buddypress theme with minor changes…

    Launched it just a week ago and already got 2 position in google…



    Hey all,

    I posted briefly earlier, but I’ve now got something a bit more worthwhile to show you all :)

    It’s a heavily modified version of a BuddyDress theme.

    The Game Studies Network is a project from the University of Wyoming focusing on bringing together academics, students, researchers, and developers in the areas of new media and interactive media. We’re hoping to become something of a new media think tank.

    Take a look and let me know what you think :)

    Thanks everyone!



    Hi all

    Developing a communty around bucks/bachelor/stag parties.

    I’m new to WPMU/Buddypress and am learning it all as I go – BIG thanks to everyone that’s helped me out with my problems!!



    After months of development, the Duzzn Link-List Sharing site is now open to the public. The system is finally in place, but desperately needs more user content. Come check it out – opinions and posts are welcome –



    Working with John and Josh to put up a community based around church/worship multimedia and graphic design. The site is using the basic BP theme for now but we have added BBpress, the WP ecommerce plugin, and next we are working on finding an IM plugin that we can use:



    ok, here’s my first buddypress powered site ready to go public.

    As you can see my theme was very much inspired but the buddypress website.

    Hope you like.

    Lisa Sabin-Wilson


    Just launched this custom MU/BuddyPress theme last week for a client of mine:

    Loving the latest release(s) of BP – keep up the phenomenal work!



    Just launched a new BuddyPress based site for a client who was running a normal WordPress based site before hand:

    The site has been set up as a music community site for people who use the music service Spotify and want to do more than ‘just’ submitting their playlists.

    Lots of issues and things we have learnt about BuddyPress, WordPress MU etc during the delelopment and hopefully now the site is launched we might have more time to get involved answering questions on these forums rather than asking them ;)



    FINALLY launched BuddyPress site for… … here’s a lil slideshow about it



    comment system needs to be improved, had to go to 9th page to post this comment, there should be a link somewhere of the top of first page, and the from should be at the bottom of every page intensedebate if could be made compatible would be a great plus

    now the BuddyPress install:

    it uses a wordpress MU 2.8.2 , BuddyPress 1.0.3, bbPress 1.0

    @graduatebuddy if you press the “freshness” link which shows at the forums section it will take you directly to the last post (yours).

    If you are at the beginning of this thread or at any page, just go to the top part where it shows how many msgs and voices and next to it shows the links to the latest reply and who made it (yours in my case)



    The showcase site Wannanetwork’s community is down, there’s a news posting saying that they “have pushed the limits of WordPress” and that they are experiencing server problems.

    I’d like to have Maxaud’s feedback on BP after running what seems to be a pretty high traffic site for months.

    As for the “Showcase”, it deserves a cleanup, many sites are down was running a very old version of BuddyPress, they are taking it down for upgrades and the benefit of a lot of improvements.





    Here is my first Buddypress-run site: ecofuture.

    Runs on MU 2.8.2, BuddyPress 1.0.2, bbPress 1.0.

    I was afraid of upgrading to 1.0.3 after reading through the forums and after finally getting the three-way integration to work.

    Buddypress pages are worked up fromt he skeleton theme. Homepage blog is based on the Thematic Theme. I got the two to closely resemble each other.



    I’m starting a work at home community site. So far, it’s just the basic theme.



    Well, looks like WannaNetwork guy grew so fast it put him out of business!

    Since our launch of the new WordPress powered platform on WannaNetwork in Early February, WannaNetwork has been growing substantially larger and larger.

    With this growth also comes a few negative aspects. Running WannaNetwork as a free service is quickly becoming harder and harder when there are monthly server and maintenance costs adding up.



    Something very weird is happening. Last week, I posted that I had finally launched:

    It’s still the basic theme, but I’m starting to develop an idea of how I want it to look.

    Anyway, when I’m logged in, I can see the post. But when I log out, the post disappears. Any ideas on what is happening?



    Setup: WPMU 2.8.3 + BuddyPress 1.0.3 + bbPress 1.0.2 + Almost ALL Plugins!

    Feedback is welcome!



    This iteration of the site (with the addition of BuddyPress) is a week-and-a-half old and our members are already putting the BP functionality through the paces.



    ^how do you put the blog posts on the front page like that?



    @crackpixels We’re not using a BP home theme since we’re trying to balance the e-zine content with the social networking piece. Instead I customized a standard WP theme (Atahualpa) and added the BP widgets into the sidebars.

    Jamie Marsland


    It’s a hyperlocal website serving approx 10,000 residents in a district of Cheltenham in the UK. Launching in Sept.



    Certainly not showing off – but I’d love some feedback. You can get the jist of what we’ve built here – really basic, but just trying to see if Buddypress can really solve our problems.

    Our issues to-date are no way of validating users and ensuring we want them to successfully register. Second issue is the email that is sent to approve a group addition (links are broken). Third issue is a trying to find a way to prevent registered users (subscribers) from creating groups, while not preventing them from participating.

    * Currently forcing people to login or register before they see anything.



    Here’s my first running Buddypress site,

    It is a social networking and web tv in one kind of site.

Viewing 25 replies - 251 through 275 (of 291 total)
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