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Buddypress slow page loading

  • peterlink


    Initially with up to 600 registered users, bp loads fast. However when the number of registered users and therefore the associated static content increase, the web starts loading slower(around 20 seconds response time); even when it is a single connected user.

    We have 10 VPS: 3 webservers (nginx + php-fpm), 1 load balancer for webservers (nginx + varnish), 1 memcached server,3 database servers (1 master and 2 slaves with MariaDB cluster server) 1 NAS (Openmediavault).All quadcores with 8 GB of RAM except the webservers that have 8 processors with 2 cores each and 16GB of ram. We have tested with w3totalcache, wpsupercache, hypercache, wp optimize, all plugins to cache and optimize databases we have found, and nothing seems to work.

    We need them to help us, because we can not imagine where the problem is. Any additional information they need can request it.

    Greetings and thanks in advance.

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