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BuddyPress still going strong?

  • roamingteacher


    I was about to install on my site when someone warned me that it’s not under development or being maintained, but I can see that’s not true from recent updates here. Is it still a robust platform or is it super-buggy? Is it reliable enough to use with my small business or will I likely run into issues? I’m not a techie and I’m using the Divi theme.
    Thanks for your advice.

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  • roamingteacher


    By ‘not a techie’ I mean I’m unlikely to be able to use code to fix issues myself, and I don’t understand many of the terms used in solutions offered on these forums…



    BP is free to use as you wish.
    As to whether you may run into issues, you might, you might not.
    There is a staggering number of themes and plugins in the WP world.
    There is no way for BP to account for all the possible combinations.
    Nor it is reasonable for people to expect these forums ( run by volunteers ) to solve or even respond to any and all issues that may arise.

    BuddyPress is used by many businesses as part of their offerings.
    The larger and / or more complex the business, the greater the need for a technical support budget.



    There were also comments about coming on to forums (not necessarily this one, but probably including it) and being attacked for asking questions. I was warned to say ‘be nice’ but I assume that people will be nice, or else won’t take the time to reply – after all, why bother if just going to be impatient and irritated.

    Anyway, I wonder how users find it – do you often run into compatibility issues, or do these seem to resolve themselves with new updates? Do you often find you do have to work with code to resolve issues or you can normally figure it out with a Google Search. I’ve no intention of using any lesser-known plugins with it, so I’m thinking the most popular ones are probably compatible – or is this a false assumption?

    In terms of support, I could pay the odd person to sort it for me, but not if it was a huge programming issue (as I imagine it would be expensive, and as I said – it’s a small (educational) business). It’s really important the forums are up more or less always (although everyone knows any software can fail at any time of course).

    Thank you for sharing your experiences.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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