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BuddyPress Subgroups and the Groups Directory

  • I’m a newbie to BuddyPress so please forgive this post if it has been answered before. I searched and could not find the answer i was looking for… I have restricted my BP group creation with a plugin, but need to go a bit further before going live with the site. I need to create several main site groups, and, under each main site group, a few subgroups. I’ve seen a few plugins and code edits to facilitate this, but I need the Groups Directory to list only the main (first-level) groups, not the subgroups. I would like a user to click on the Groups Directory tab and see only a listing of the main (first-level) groups. When they click on one of these main groups, they should then see the subgroups listed under that main group. Any ideas??? Thank you for any assistance!!!

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