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BuddyPress to BBPres conversion failed and now media manager won't work

  • notpoppy


    I am trying to convert a BuddyPress database to BBPress (using these instructions).

    I have successfully done so using a copy of my database offline using WAMP. However attempting to do the same on the live site resulted in repeated failures of the conversion process.

    It occured to me I might be able to import the database tables I had successfully converted offline onto the live site. I dropped the old tables and imported the converted ones as follows:


    Still no success. Thinking there might be more to the conversion process beyond what was in the tables I ran it again.

    Not only did this fail again (as before, it hangs part-way through ‘Converting replies’, of which there are over 100,000) but soon after I ran it I noticed a problem had appeared with the media manager when editing posts.

    When clicked the Insert Media pop-up opens and you can navigate through the different options – Create Gallery, Set Featued Image, etc… However it does not populate with images that have been uploaded and cannot handle an image being uploaded. Which suggests to me it’s querying the database to find them but can’t. Accessing the media manager shows the images are still in the system, the Insert Media screen just can’t ‘see’ them.

    I’m fairly certain the media manager problem is linked to the forum conversion failures. I tried turning off plugins just to be sure and it didn’t cure the problem.

    I’m increasingly frustrated with this and would really appreciate any help you can give on these two problems or more information about how the BBPress forum conversion works so I can understand why it keeps failing.

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