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BuddyPress Translation

  • James



    spent some weeks trying to find stable way to have multiple buddypress localizations/multilingual BuddyPress.
    There are three main plugins to choose from:

    transposh – as author replied to me in one post – “nothing is perfect”. transposh can use .po as base for translation, but .po is used only for default language, therefor some text is translated incorrectly, etc…won’t write all the bugs. yes, there is new 0.7.0 version, but in changelog I see now improvements for BP, therefor, at the moment plugin is not good enough;

    WPML – doesn’t work. author mentioned once that there will be new release, but it will be premium plugin. not all has possibility to pay for the plugin even if it will work;

    qTranslate – from my point of view – most stable plugin and easy to use, especially its language hooks/tags, simplier is not possible. biggest issue here is that author has no plans for near future to deal with issues of third plugins, but at the moment qtranslate breaks BP pages. For everyone, who had this issue, I have found solution here:

    it makes qtranslate BP compatible again, but as you can see in my reply (in link), there still are few issues.

    When author names/links, community pages, home link etc..are pressed, qtranslate switches language back to default, there is known issue with get_options and bloginfo (, but as I understand this is not connected with BP issues.

    Probably, qtranslate switches language back to default because of small hack from first link, therefor, I really would like to ask some experienced bp people to look at this, because at the moment this is the only possibility for bp users to have multilingual installation.

    thank you.

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  • James


    ok, have to withdraw my comment re transposh. in version 0.7.0 it has improved .po/.mo support and works excellent, at least it looks like this at the moment.

    Looks like ‘WP Symposium’ is due to be an alternative to Buddy Press. But it looks a long way from being ready. Will have to hope that Transposh version 0.7.0 works and move away from Buddy Press before the site gets too many users. If Multi Language remains an issue.

    ‘WP Symposium’ may be closer than we thought



    @wpoooooo there is small issue in 0.7.0, contact the author and he will send you updated version

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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