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BuddyPress two different registration forms with different fields

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  • jaimebib


    I’m wondering about this as well,,



    There is another thread where @brajesh from buddydev have succesfully resolved this multiple registration form , but I already don’t remember where to find it, unfortunately searching on this forum have never worked so try to take a look at brajesh’s site , or try to search further here via google SEARCH with keywords “brajesh buddypress registration form” etc , I know that the code was very long and he posted it publicly at



    Hi @4ella thanks for the answer, I think you are referring to this code by @brajesh

    The problem is that it shows all field groups and not different field groups depending on what the user chooses. This makes it impossible to require the user to fill out the fields since part of it will not apply to them,

    what I’m trying to do is show specific field group depending on what kind of user it is for example teachers would only see teacher fields and student would see the student field group.

    I heard javascript to show hide the field groups on the registration page.could be the solution, the issue is that I’m a newbie with buddypress and is currently just learning basic html. So i;m a little lost to say the least on how to solve this problem. Please any help or feedback is much appreciated

    Cheers, Johnny



    I understand , I wanted to create something similar , first add general fields for all groups (address and contact fields for example) , then to setup conditional field ( it should be a role field – you can create additional roles for wordpress ), I have nightclubs , agencies and girls working in nightclubs , so 3 new wp-buddypress roles , then within templates I can show content for specific groups , unfortunately on registration form I can use it yet because people are not logged in with their role yet , so it would be nice to have conditional field as gravity forms uses which will show you only set of fields by the role which you will confirm .

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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