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[Resolved] Buddypress update broke my site

  • FL Diving


    I did the last buddypress update and it conflicted with several plugins on my site. I installed a backup and waited for the next update. Version 2.1.1 was released and I waited a while for any other updates. Finally, I updated and it created the same problems as before. It has caused my MapPress Easy Google Maps plugin to quit working and on my frequently asked questions page the dropdown answers no longer work. It has also caused my BuddyPress Activity Plus plugin to stop working. That’s all the problems I’m seeing at the moment. This is a mess. Is there a fix?

    site is

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  • shanebp


    >Buddypress update broke my site

    iow. there are some compatibility issues with a couple of other plugins

    Did you try using a standard theme like WP 2012 to see if any of the issues are caused by your theme?

    Did you ask the creators BuddyPress Activity Plus about your issue re that plugin?

    BP ( and WP for that matter ) don’t take other plugins into account when they create an update.

    These issues are not infrequent.
    A decent developer can solve them.

    You might be happier staying with the version of BP that you were happy with.

    FL Diving


    UPDATE- I deleted Buddypress and installed version 2.0.3 and all is well again.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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