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Buddypress & Videos/Playlists

  • Greetings everyone!

    I’ve recently started a new project, which revolves around a Buddypress installation, where each user can add videos to a video-archive, and use the videos in the archive to create playlists.

    Each video has an assigned maincategory (one for each group), and a subcategory. Somehow i need to add this functionality, most likely by hardcoding some functions that interacts with a new database table.

    I haven’t started developing yet, so i’m looking for any pointers i can get by you experienced Buddypress developers. I assume i somehow need to add the functionality to the activity-feeds, so that the videos actually get “integrated” into Buddypress. For example, if i’m following a user on the site, and he posts a new video, i want that to show in my personal activity feed.

    Any pointers on how to deal with this, plugin suggestions, or anything relevant to the activity-feed is greatly appreciated. I do hope someone can push me in the right direction. :-)

    Thanks a lot!
    // Thomas G

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  • Roger Coathup


    Hi Thomas –

    a few pointers for you:

    To integrate your videos into BuddyPress, you probably want to take a look at building a BuddyPress component – check out the bp skeleton component – it gives all the outline code you need for integration with the activity stream, adding new menus / screens within a user profile, and creating classes / custom post types to store your data.

    You won’t need any new tables – WordPress custom posts and data storage in wp_post_meta should give you all you need.

    I’d suggest you’ll probably want a new custom post type for storing your playlists, and can make use of the existing WordPress video post format for the actual videos.

    It’s not easy coding, but if you know your way around PHP, and WordPress custom post types / taxonomies, you’ll be fine.

    cheers, Roger

    Thanks a lot for the pointers @rogercoathup :) Greatly appreciated!

    I’ve looked around the skeleton componenet a bit, and it seems manageable. Yet, this project has to be the best there is, so there may not be time for me to get familiar with this, sadly.

    I’ll possibly drop you guys a line, with some more information, so that we’d perhaps be able to get an estimate. :)

    Again, thanks a lot.
    // Thomas G

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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