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buddypress vs bbpress

  • jayce103


    Hello everyone!

    I am having a dilemma that I hope some of you more advanced tech gurus can answer for me.

    I wish to have a forum based site, but struggling to find a forum that I not only like the theme too but also understanding if it is robust enough.

    I notice that buddypress incorporates a forum which seems the most part has a lot of support when it comes to theme layouts, but it has features that I do not want like groups.

    So the question in easy form

    1) Can Buddypress be used just as a forum (without groups)
    2) Can I have a home page with latest posts from members
    3) Can members upload images in a post (this is not a support based, but a photography forum)
    4) Is Buddypress just as stable as bbpress
    5) Should I forget about Buddypress and bbpress and buy a different forum?

    Thanks for any advice in advance peeps…


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  • Buddypress uses bbPress to provide it’s forums for groups and is not a forum app it’s self, it does not, or at least as of V 1.7 have internal forums which used to be a stripped down version of bbPress.



    Thanks Hugo.

    I have just found that out. Which is that Buddypress uses BBpress. I have also been given a youtube link to a guy who has explained it well, so if anyone else asks the same/similar question here is that link



Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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