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buddypress VS bbpress

  • me9


    What is the difrence between the bbpress forum page and the buddypress forum page.

    IN buddy press you have the : Discussion Forums page.

    And in bbpress you have the: Forums base setting and : Forum slug

    Zo this 3 settings :

    Discussion Forums page (buddypress)
    Forums base (bbpress)
    Forum slug (bbpress)

    are making me crazy!

    I only would like a forum no discusion groups

    The forum name should be : wietforum , wich i also like in the slug of the main forum page.

    Its zo simpel but cant figure it out.

    Who can help me clarify this ?


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  • Prior to bbPress 2, BuddyPress used bbPress 1 — which wasn’t a plugin — and so had its own integration for it. The Discussion Forums page and Forums component are some of the legacy settings for that. Going forward, 1) Disable the Forums component in BuddyPress, and 2) Install the bbPress plugin.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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