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Buddypress vs BBS

  • metalhead


    What’s up Buddypress people?

    I’m a former BBS sysop. Are any of you former or current BBS people?

    I got into BBSign in the early 90s, and I’m still into it somewhat, but a couple years ago, a friend of mine recommended ditching the 80 column ascii scene for WordPress. I fought it for a while, but I eventually listened.

    So, I’m now a Buddypress “Sysop.” That makes sense if you know where I’m coming from. I do it for fun, not business. I love WP & BP.

    One thing that I couldn’t help but notice, is that people are extremely ungrateful when requesting help with their WP/BP projects. People offer help for free, and then people act like it’s your fault when “Client is unhappy!” or some crap like that. Like you owe them something. Such nonsense!

    WP & BP should start a new slogan: “Write it yourself, ask politely, or kiss it!”

    Thanks very much to all the people who have taken the time to help other people with their goals, even though you probably shouldn’t bother if their goals are “business related” or if they acted like asses when you offered to help for free.

    If you’re a BP contributor, or an enthusiast like me, be advised that this is modern BBSing at it’s best, especially when combined with bbpress (or other, even better forum software.)

    It’s ok to talk to each other like humans. That’s what my BP site is all about. Businesses
    can kiss it.

    Peace brothers.

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  • r-a-y


    metalhead, thanks for the non-support comment, which is refreshing to read!

    Glad that you understand that those of us that reply on the forums do it on our own free time, and not for the glory.

    Next step from becoming an enthusiast is to make the leap to contribution *hint hint*. That’s how most of us get involved. We can always use more help.

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