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BuddyPress + WCFM

  • kekriszta


    Hi there,
    I have Rehub theme+WCFM.
    I have recently installed Buddy Press as I need it for a new feature on my site.
    All good so far…I have 2 questions:
    1: Creating a vendor (store vendor) account, then clicking on the profile icon at the header> manage your store, the WCFM panel opens, which is great.
    BUT also the 4 Buddy Press menu options show above the WCFM panel (profile, listing manager,invitations, created by)
    It is really confusing, as if I click on the ‘listing manager’ menu on Bpress then the WCFM panel opens in a funny way.
    Is it possible to remove the listing manager option from BPress?
    Not sure if it makes any sense, I can send you screenshots just let me know your email address.

    2: how can I remove the ‘newbie’ sign from members pages?


    WP version: 5.9.3
    BPress version: 10.3.0
    site: (it’s the staging version )

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