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  • need help please with the menu on buddypress widget theme. here is my site – – can you tell me where to fix the css to make the menu nav behave? thanks a lot. paul L

    wordpress 3.2.1, buddypress 1.5.1

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  • modemlooper


    I’ll check it out. In the future do not open more than one support request for the same issue. If somebody hasn’t responded to you first post after 24 hours then post a reply to the original post and it will move back to the top of the forum.

    ok thanks. sorry for some reason i did not see the original post i made, so i made a new one. i also i did not get a notification about your response to this post thru – just FYI.
    any ideas on the menu? thanks

    any luck? anyone?



    You have something installed that is messing with the CSS. I activated this theme on my dev site

    I’m not getting the same issue. The widget theme is using the CSS and header from bp-default so it can’t be this theme causing the issue.

    thank you. i will try turning off my plugins one by one to figure it out.

    I installed a new WP and the only plugins i put up were buddypress and your theme. Did the same thing. Did you try putting in a sub-menu name with a character length like this? “testing this is the menu”
    is there a limit to the length of letters due to a static bg? or should it draw the box as far as the sub-menu title?
    paul L



    thanks i appreciate it. i love the theme wanna stick with it and hope to fix the menu.



    It’s not the widget theme this is a bug with BuddyPress CSS



    Hi Modemlooper, sorry to hear you’ve had a hard time. Your Widget theme is brilliant. I found a bug practically the same day you wrote your announcement. I love your theme and I really want to use it. Can you let me know if you are going to fix that last bug, because I need to know what to do, whether to go ahead with that or find a new one. I’m really hoping to be able to use your Widget Theme, which I love.


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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