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Buddypress widgets

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    So this seem to be the forum that has current users talking.

    Issue: Buddypress widgets and Buddypress/BP plugins for media not working correctly for updates.

    Discussion: So using the latest activities there are a few thing seen.

      Creating Activity

    • when updates selected any activity with an image will not show, so latest list is not correct
    • when gallery updates selected activities will show latest but only if no images attached, so latest list is not correct.

    Buddypress version: 7.3.0
    Wordpress Version: 5.4.5 but have tested with newer version
    Plugin: Mediapress 1.5.1 (able to control what media can be added to community)
    other Plugins: n/a have disabled in testing

    Solution: None found so far

    Alternate: Alter code at plugin/level – have not done(but able to if need/able to write new code)

    Theme Goal: Achieved – twitter/like community.

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