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Buddypress with Azure SQL

  • EdwinHowe


    Hi fellow buddypress!

    I’ve installed wordpress on Azure and using WP Db Abstraction:

    So that it uses Azure SQL instead of MySQL as its database. Everything is working fine, until I try to create a new account using BuddyPress. The installation and initialization was successful (on debugging mode and didn’t see any error thrown to me). I noticed that after finishing the user registration, I’ve being redirected to the wordpress homepage (which usually it’ll show a registration successful page). No registration successful email was sent, and the created user cannot login.

    I’ve take a look into the Azure SQL management portal that’s linked to this site and it seems that the tables for BuddyPress are not created! So here’s the problem: How do I tweak BuddyPress so that it uses WP Db Abstraction to utilize Azure SQL or is it even possible?

    I won’t consider using ClearDB as its restriction is quite…. limited.

    Thanks in advance for looking into my problem.

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