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buddypress with suffusion

  • Hi, I am installing the WordPress 3.0.4, Suffusion 3.7.3 with suffusion BuddyPress Pack 1.00 and BuddyPress 1.2.7 in my Ubuntu 10.04 server, but find all Links under My Account e.g My account–>Activity–>Personal not work, it always get to the Hello world! page. my website:

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  • Tekuan Coleman


    yup…it sent me to a subscribe page on every click. i am also using suffusion theme ( you may need to add “suffusion BP template pack” or Bp deault template pack for it to work………

    im also new here so if it doesnt work you may prefer to wait on professional consulting. just trying to add my 2 cents and hope it works for ya

    Everything appears to have been set up , so usual request is in order to try activating the BP default theme and establish first that everything is working as expected before moving on to installing custom themes. Suffusion appears relatively complex and I have little knowledge of so can’t help specifically with it , but getting things running correctly with plain vanilla BP is the correct approach initially.

    Word of warning I would now change that test account it’s an admin account and as such dangerous to leave on a public site.

    Just to keep things clear: Buddypress is an open source project maintained by unpaid volunteers and the support pages here run in the same fashion so there is technically no such thing available here as ‘Professional Consulting’ as that phrase implies paid for support and might lead to mis-understanding of what the non coder user might expect from this support forum.

    Thank you, this setup is only used for troubleshooting, that is why i make public access to the admin account, but thanks anyway for your advice hnla. any idea how can make the link works. btw, if i set the theme to be buddypress default, all work, and if i use suffusion in Windows system, it works also, only in linux(ubuntu 10.04), i even set all the file and directory to be mod 777, still cannot make it work.

    Clarify: bp default theme works on the Linux Ubuntu install?

    Setting cmod 777 on all directories won’t be the issue, if anything it’s a group/user permissions that is more often the issue there, but doubtful that this is the issue here and of course world writable is not something one would want to leave other than on a test install.

    This may be an issue that you have to address to Suffusion support if it’s a case that plain vanilla WP/BP does work as expected on your LAMP box, but not with Suffusion themes activated.



    I know this is an older topic but in case someone is still looking for answers; the unwritten fix for this seems to be to simply create pages within your theme and name them “groups”, “forums”, “activity”, “members” and “register”. The “Register” link only works when you are not logged in but does not return any error (it just brings you to the root url). Also, I had to re-install forums using the Suffusion BP pack after I created the pages. Hope this helps someone save time…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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