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buddypress with wordpress 3.0.1

  • ive been trying for the past few days now to install a clean copy of wordpress 3.0.1 and buddypress

    however they never seem to work on my server. I keep getting a fatal error: allowed memory size of 33454……
    anyways, I have a dedicated server, pentium 4, QUAD processor, with 4 gigs of DDR.. Ive edited my php.ini file to allow way more memory then what its asking…

    I have yet to get your plug in to work… any suggestions on what are the best versions of wordpress for buddypress and the best version of buddypress…

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  • Have you checked you’re editing the correct php.ini file? Setting it to at least 64mb sorts most problems.

    I set it to 256megs

    basically I got it all installed by disabling all my plug ins, but once I put the plug ins back on, and tried to access the admin page later, it gave me that error

    I would really like to get this thing working, but have yet to do so successfully…



    You might try to disable all of the plugins then enable them one at a time to see which one is conflicting with the admin area. Also, if you have access to the error log files then you can check to see if a message is being written to the logs.

    Assuming you answered an implicit affirmative to Paul’s question about editing the correct file, did you restart your Apache? server for the changes to take effect (apologies if teaching grandmother to suck eggs :) )

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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