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BuddyPress/WP Login question

  • darren1985



    I have a site and on the sidebar i have buddypress login widget, if the user enters nothing and clicks login their directed to a custom version of wp-login and asked to log in.

    before when the user then logged in from here it would redirect them to the main page of the buddypress site.

    but i then wanted to hide the fact that it is a wpsite by using a plugin to edit wp-admin.php to login.php.

    upon installing this plugin, when you login from what was wp login form it then directs you the the wp-admin page.

    i didnt want this so i deleted the plugin, but it didnt revert back as such, the link now says wp-login but they users dont redirected to the site, they redirect to wp-admin.

    how can i redirect users when using this form to go direct to the site and not wp-admin.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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