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[Bug] BuddyPress 2.0 Beta 2 –

  • Heiko


    I installed it and tested it a lot. Till now, there are 2 bugs (latest FF & latest WP):

    • Profile > Activity Tag > When you type in an “Update” post the already existing activities at the bottom of the update input appear TWICE (Double) after sending the Update. You see the new post but the other posts are x2 (sorry, I am German :D). If you refresh the page again, everything is fine again until you post an update again.
    • I had the “Cubepoint” Plugin installed with the old version – the Link is also in the new profile of the user but when you click on it, the whole structure crashes

    2 Questions:
    -Will there be the possibility to link the own social accounts? Or better – Will 2.0 come with an integrated possibility of “Login with Social Network” and being able to link the connected account on the profile?

    -will there be kinda “Wall” to leave comments or something like that? 🙂

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  • Heiko


    Perhaps it would be good to be able to name the URL Tags of the single contents. e.g. “/members/” should be able to be replaced with “/users/” or (what I need) “/mitglieder/” – i tried to achieve this but I failed hard 😀

    Same with the additional URL links – e.g. “/members/USERNAME/profile/” -> The “profile” should be able to be customized. That this will be set in URL and profile tab linktext

    I love that you tried to make it a bit more responsive <3 Thanks for that 🙂



    a couple of things:

    • here’s the codex page for customizing the permalink for members or any other component like it:
    • while it may not be buddypress’s fault if there was a conflict with a plugin (cubepoints), I would suggest considering moving from cubepoints to myCRED which has a newer code base, support and extensive documentation (

    maybe someone else can chime in on the activity update ‘bug’ that you mentioned

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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