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Bug in beta 2.2 with theme atahualpa

  • mcpeanut


    Hi there again, i have been building my website with the theme atahualpa and upon installing the new beta there is a problem with the themes sidebars (all was fine before and if i revert back to 2.1 all is fine again.

    Atahualpa is one of the most downloaded themes of all time since 2007 and is a widely used theme and lets you pick what pages your sidebars appear in its options by excluding them from certain pages by page or post id.

    i currently have 3 active sidebars sitewide but exclude them on certain pages.

    So i will give you a quick run through of the problem. on buddypress 2.1 i have excluded my members pages from having any sidebars via atahualpa options on the members pages and all works fine, example = both wxw.mywebsite/members and wxw.mywebsite/members/username have the sidebars excluded ( as they should be).

    but as soon as you install the beta 2.2 on atahualpa only wxw.mywebsite/members is excluded where as the wxw.mywebsite/members/username url’s are ignored and the sidebar shows up on these pages (as they shouldnt be).

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