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Bug in Default Theme – Admin/Settings/Reading

  • dlittle800


    When I set the home page as a static page, it turns the blog into a page also. How can the home page be set as a static page – while still having posts displaying in the blog?

    This does not appear intentional – looks like a bug. How to correct?

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  • Brajesh Singh


    It is not a bug, you can set static front pages.

    Login to wp-admin

    go to Dashboard->settings->reading

    Choose Front page displays, select a static page and save, It should work.

    Edit: btw, if it does not work for you, which version of bp+wp/wpmu you are using.



    Thanks for the feedback Brajesh,

    But let me clarify the problem a bit further…

    I actually have had no problem setting the homepage as a static page on Dashboard->settings->reading.

    The problem, is that once I do so, the Blog is ALSO set to the same static page.

    I need a static page on the homepage AND posts in my blog (at the same time)

    Not the same static page as homepage and blogpage.

    Any ideas?

    If this looks like a bug, please file a ticket.

    Brajesh Singh



    sorry, I was confused earlier. Thanks for clarifying.

    Yes, It seems to be a bug, but it has to deal with the buddypress theme only. I checked with older theme and the same issue as you mentioned were there too.

    Please put a trac ticket as Andy mentioned.



    I had this problem. If you choose to use a static page as front and then use another page as the blog it wont show the blog posts when you go to I had to name the blog page something else.



    on my site: when you login, it doesn’t show on the home page….. but if you click any of the other tabs, you are logged in….. any ideas?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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