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Bug or… Activity filters from Docs causes the loop to load the same content.

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    It’s simply annoying when there’s a big community and the activity stream is crowded only with X joined… W and Y became friends, or Z changed his profile picture. Every status update, important posts etc are basically flushed away. Personally I use the BP in a more Facebook like way where people have the eyes only on the Activity page, aka Wall. 90% of users are lazy or just don’t know / don’t want to know that using the filter will help sorting and they just complain “hey do something about! All I see is just crap”. And before anyone saying “use the search”, I did, for days… nothing actually working. So… had to figure it out…

    First of all, using
    <?php if ( bp_has_activities( 'object=status') ) : ?>
    as the documentation suggests, doesn’t work at all, nothing is changed.

    I managed to get the activity sorted out using
    <?php if ( bp_has_activities('action=activity_update' ) ) : ?>
    on my theme’s activity-loop.php and the “wall” is way more clean now BUT 2 more annoying bugs occurred:
    1. I don’t know if it’s a bug or theme/script related, but when I press Load more, the same content is loaded over and over again.
    2. ALL MEMBERS, MY FRIENDS, MY GROUPS, MY FAVORITES, MENTIONS will display the same content and of course, Load more will load the same content.

    This is my activity-loop.php:
    It’s exactly like the BP’s default theme, changed only <?php if ( bp_has_activities('action=activity_update' ) ) : ?>
    Tried others ways, nothing seems to work getting a working filter only for updates loading all the content properly.

    Anyone have a suggestion or a possible solution with some custom code for this issue?
    Using WP 3.5.1 and BP 1.7.1

    Also, @djpaul for the next release of BP, having an option to set the default type of activity to be shown it’s a must in my opinion, 🙂 or even on option to block some type of activity to be registered into database, saving some space, load and erasing some dull content to be displayed (was a plugin but it’s 2 years old and it’s not working)


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