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bug: Some users wordpress comments doesn’t show avatar or link to user profile

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    I just launched my first buddypress website,
    Wordpress 3.0.3
    Buddypress 1.2.6

    I found some kind of bug when some registered users comment on a blog post, The comment is posted without having the user’s avatar and without a link to the user’s profile, It’s like the comment was written by a vistor not a registered user ..

    The thing is, That comment is posted to the user’s activity! ..
    I found it happening to 3 users so far, One of them has uploaded a custom avatar and all of them don’t have Gravatars..
    And all their comments shows this problem..

    I did check their user data in the database, nothing seems to be odd or different from the user’s who’s comments get posted correctly..
    And I’m using the plugin Login With Ajax for user login ..

    Is anyone facing any similar problem?

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    Paul Gibbs


    I’ve not seen any. Is this reproducible, and does it only apply to certain user accounts? If so, anything special about those accounts — how they were created, etc

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