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Bug with Translatepress (?)

  • scharfh


    Hello BuddyPress team,
    your plugin works as a charm, but unfortunatelly I can not translate Buddypress pages with third party plugin named Translatepress – the web adress to members page is ussually not found if language changed.

    e.g.: – page found – page not found (404) – page not found (404)

    How can I avoid this issue? I have tried to disable/enable/combinate all settings options in TranslatePress, but with no luck.

    I think that problems are due to “language subdirectory” option in TP settings, because without subdirectory to default language those plugins work together fine for default language (EN). I have also tried another similar plugin – Transposh (v., this plugin works almost same as Translatepress, but instead of subdirectories it uses reference at the end of URL and this works great with BB (example:

    Sorry for my poor english, hope you will understand to my problem… Is there any way to BB recognise subdirecotry pages?

    Thank you for your time and help in advance!
    With kind regards… S.

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  • scharfh


    partially resolved, delete



    Hi @scharfh,

    How did you resolved your problem please ?
    I am using Transposh, and for some reason with my config I don’t want to use the mode with reference at the end of URL. I must use it with URL rewriting, and I got the same issue you experienced with Translatepress and the members’ pages not reachable.
    Did you find a way to make the “language subdirectory” working for members pages with Translatepress or with Transposh ?

    Thank you



    hello is there any solution for this I have the same problem now

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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