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Building a theme

  • Marcella


    I’m building a theme from scratch and hoping to release it on ThemeForest or for personal use only.

    I really want to build something that matches my semi-extensive experience of WordPress and BuddyPress and have tried before.

    The trouble is I always seem to build something that has support for all the features including BBPress and end up becoming overwhelmed with all the code in the theme and design assets available.

    Typically I start in Photoshop, which is what I plan to do this time and cater for all the design assets.

    Then I like to go in and convert the psd files into static html templates (which is a pain as BuddyPress has tons of hard baked markup).

    Finally it gets ported over to a theme, usually a child theme, however with all the design assets catered for I feel it’s not essential.

    My questions are…

    How many templates are there with a WordPress / BBPress and BuddyPress installed? If so, is there a list available.

    Secondly, what’s a good way to organise the project so that I don’t become to overwhelmed with all the pages and code within?

    This is more like build phylosophy than anything else but didn’t know where to publish.

    Thanks for any help and understanding.

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