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building Social network site/General issues

  • talitaco


    Hi I am building a site with BuddyPress for a community ( about 2000 users ) this site is designed to be a dating /social network site.
    (no forums no blogs no chat)
    Just the options to send private messages
    open groups and comment,
    adding friends ,
    creating personal profile.
    Because I have never built a large scale website and I do it voluntarily and also storing it on my personal site server, I have a few issues I am asking for your advice:
    From your own experience or links to good articles and references.
    Should I allow the members to upload many images? My concerns are: viruses ,taking up data space , and copyright issues.
    How do you deal with cyber bullying users who are harassing other users trolls writing nasty comments(I really want this community website to be a safe place:)
    Your experience with the security issues (Trojan virus etc)
    Any Other important issues I should know?
    Any help will be very very appreciated.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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