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Bulk Import Members

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    Hi, I’m wondering how people have been migrating membership information from an old static website to a Buddpress install. I am building a tourism alliance type website and I have 300 members I need to create accounts for. This will take forever if I have to do it manually. I have an XML file listing everything from category, first/last name, business name, address, etc. I would even use a plugin which creates the member accounts and then I have to log in and fill in some of the profile information manually. It will still save me time.

    I looked in the plugin list for BP and on WP but haven’t really found anything. I can’t be the only person with this situation. Most websites I would think are rebuilds with existing member data to import, not brand new entities with no history.

    I was thinking there would at least be a WP plugin out there that might be able to assist but I’m striking out.

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