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bunch of ideas….

  • 1. photo album

    2. integration with forum software (phpbb/vbulletin) – ie bridges included with install

    3. profile security

    4. optional email activation at account creation

    5. option to get rid of group creation for users option

    6. instant messenger

    7. captcha at registration

    8. send mass email to users

    9. automatic friend with admin at registration

    10. automatic member of public or certain groups at registration

    11. option to integrate a webpage from url or html into the content section of a tab.

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  • Bowe


    1: There are 2 plugins for this: BP Album and BP Gallery (paid)

    3: Jeff Sayre is working on the BuddyPress Privacy Componennt:


    6: and many 3rd party options

    9&10: Check the Welcome Pack plugin from DJPaul



    2. there’s already integration with BBpress

    Why does everybody want to use Buddypress as a forum? What’s the point of having a blogs and groups-based social network if you’re still going to put an old-fashioned forum at the center?

    Can someone (Auttommatttic?) please write a basic social networking plugin for BBpress, expanding the user account pages in BBpress a bit, so people don’t have to come over here asking to turn Buddypress into something lame?

    I get that there are plugins for this stuff but it would be awesome if it were already built in. i know BP is very new but down the road these types of features would be nice. i am not a fan of installing too many plugins or relying on them because the software upgrades dont always coincide with them and many times plugin support/development is not continued. ive had this experience with phpbb mods for many years.

    as far as the forum, many people have well established forums with 1000s of posts and members so they cant just ditch them. also having the buddypress community system is an awesome feature for forums. they work together really well. some software, such as coppermine includes bridges to forums, which increases its user base a lot.




    as has been said to you many times before. if you don’t want to use forums, then turn them off. and please don’t spam the forums every chance you get with your comments about forums and bbpress. by now we’re all well aware of your opinion. cheers!

    Andrea Rennick


    “as far as the forum, many people have well established forums with 1000s of posts and members so they cant just ditch them. “

    Isn’t there a way in the backend of BP to hitch it up to an exisiting forum? I’ve always set up a new one, but the choice is definitely there to use an existing bbpress install.

    Boone Gorges


    andrea_r – there is a way to hook BP up to an existing bbPress install, but I think rspowers is talking about phpbb. If you’ve got a lot of activity in an existing phpbb forum community, you really have two options:

    1) Build a bridge between phpbb and bp (which will make them share users, group info, and activity data) and skin them to look alike

    2) Find a script that will translate phpbb threads into bbpress compatible ones (like and then do a normal bbpress install inside of BP

    (2) seems way, way easier, especially in the long run. The only downside is that the BP-native version of bbPress isn’t as feature-rich as dedicated forum software like phpbb.


    either of your options would be awesome. at this point, i dont think the converter does phpbb3, so thats not an option for me:(

    the reason i even thought about it is that i use coppermine photogallery for my phpbb forum and coppermine comes with bridges for a lot of the main forum programs, which increased its user base a lot.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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