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Can BuddyPress do this w Membership Plugin

  • mshane8


    Hey Guys –

    I have a project where its a social community site where all the members create the site content on their own. I have 2 profiles(roles) that all users will fall under (employer & employee). Then I have 3 membership levels for each role (FREE, Standard & Premium). The idea is to pair up these users by category and control the level of access/features they have based on account type. So direct messaging is available only to premium members, push notifications only available to premium members. The more features and ability to build out your profile is based on your membership type. I would obviously add membership plugin to restrict access and capability as well as ecommerce capability for checkout.

    I know bbPress and BuddyPress are forums and social communities but will they integrate well into membership type communities where clients need to pay for additional access to social community and forum features?

    If not, is there a premium application that handles these types of projects?

    Thanks so much!

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