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Can BuddyPress Host a Million concurrent Users?

  • cleangist


    I created my Social Network with BuddyPress.

    Now, I intend for it to grow large.

    Do you think that BuddyPress can support hundreds of thousands, and possibly 1 Million concurrent users? I mean that– can a Million users be logged in at the same time, carrying out actions on a Social Network built using WordPress and BuddyPress?

    Is BuddyPress designed to be able to handle that much concurrent User use? Or is it better suited to smaller applications?

    I’m asking this because I have Set up my Social Network on it and I want to ensure that I set it up to scale well from the outset (assuming it becomes popular!).

    I do like BuddyPress, but I don’t want it to become unmanageable if my site actually grows and becomes popular.

    Any ideas on how best I can solve Scalability problems with BuddyPress?


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  • shanebp


    It is an issue of scaling server resources, not BP. Talk to your hosting company. Read up on how WP sites scale to large numbers of concurrent users.

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