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can buddypress replace wishlist for a membership level site?

  • drewmeyers


    At YouReach Media, we have a 24 week social media training program for realtors. We currently use wishlist, but are having all kinds of technical issues that are alienating our clients and causing huge customer service issues and having a nightmare with getting support for the plugin. There are clearly bugs in the software that are not getting resolved promptly.

    Here’s what we need:
    Each week, a group of agents need to be “upgraded” to the next membership level which gives them access to that week’s lesson and video (about 4 pages in WordPress)
    We have two groups running simultaneously right now (and in future, will have more), so each group needs to be upgraded together
    Need to be able to tag pages to specific membership levels so that our clients only get access to them once they reach the right membership level in the course
    Needs to support multiple courses (with different membership levels) at the same time – right now, we have “Mobile Social Media” course, but we are looking to add out additional courses in the future.

    Can BuddyPress handle this scenario? If so, any tips you can provide? If not, what other alternatives are out there that we can use? We’ve reached the end of our rope with Wishlist and want to find an alternative.

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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