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Can I associate each user with multiple posts?

  • Glowball


    I’ve just installed BuddyPress 2.7.4 on WordPress 4.7.2 and I have a question about functionality. I have this configuration working and I was hoping to replace the standard user capabilities with BuddyPress.

    1. There is an Event custom post type
    2. There is a Member custom post type, and each Member has a single post associated with them
    3. Each Event will have 1 to many Members, and each Member will have attended 1 to many Events
    4. The bridge between Events and Members is another custom post type, Attendees

    I’d like to allow Members (WP Contributors) to have the additional functionality that BuddyPress provides. In addition, I’d like to add WP Subscribers to the list of BuddyPress users but they will not have the additional Member post or any of the associations I mentioned above. They’d be limited to BuddyPress functionality.

    Is this possible? Thanks!

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