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[Resolved] Can I create a website like facebook?

  • anivarth


    Hello there,

    I am a wordpress user from few months.
    I want to create a social networking site like facebook for my university.
    The features I require for the website are:
    1) Instant messaging likeinstant messaging (We have many plugins, but they are showing some powered by iflychat etc. and some limited user at a time. Is there any other for free?)
    2) Send friend requests
    3) News feed only of friends
    4)Everyone should have their own timeline
    5) change of the URL of the login form wp-login.php to something else like

    Please also state the plugins if required!

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  • danbp




    We have many plugins […]Is there any other for free?

    anti thesis:

    I want to create a social networking site like facebook

    Are you a poor ambitious dreamer ? 😉

    See here what buddypress already can do, and read/learn here what you can do to approach something similar to FB.

    It exist also some theme à la FB. One from many others.



    Thanks @danbp for your reply. Do you mean that I will have to buy anything regarding buddypress??
    I already have hosting and domain. If so that I have to buy anything please tell mention them thanks!!!

    right now, all your requests are “in” buddypress… example:

    1- there are some paid chat scripts that do everything autonomous… but you need to know that chats are stored texts, same as email etc… and the feed even in ajax take a lot of server power… you need to contact a webHost that would offer you a good deal on large scale hosting if you have a lot of clients.

    2- integrated to Buddypress

    3- some buddypress plugins offer more flexibility added to existing features, like membership, access to personal data, etc… just do a search.

    4- if you see in my profile, you will see my personal timeline

    5- you need wp-login.php to be /login… use in admincp: /options/permalinks and change the default setting to anyother, and you will have these…



    Hello @nexia
    Thanks for your reply.
    I have understood that there is need for a server of great power.
    I am willing to take two hosting accounts and host the messaging in one and the website on other.
    Although I may have only 10-20 members at a time.
    I have searched for chat scripts on google and the first result was ajaxim
    Can I use this and integrate with my wordpress site?
    If possible please give me an instruction or any link which explains how I can do that.

    Please also state me if there is any other alternative.

    My subject knowledge HTML and CSS only!! 🙂




    Ajaxim related:
    On the software install instructions page, there is a important notice.

    Unlike Ajax IM 3.41 which was written in PHP, Ajax IM 4.0 uses Node.js. Node.js was chosen for scaling and extensibility but it also requires you to be on a VPS or dedicated server. Node.js and, thus, Ajax IM 4.0 will generally not work in shared hosting environments.!forum/ajaxim

    My subject knowledge HTML and CSS only!!

    I suggest that you search some chat plugin on the WP repo, as it would be a less problem if you have no php knowledge.

    Henry Wright


    Hi @anivarth,

    Check out BP Chat. It’s a “Facebook-like chatting plugin for BuddyPress”.



    Thank you @danbp and @henrywright for your suggestions..
    I think they will work with my site..
    The suggestions you gave are very important for me and are very very useful..
    Thanks a lot guys….
    I would like to ask you guys whether I should go with shared hosting for these plugins or should go with VPS server???
    To mention my shared hosting gives unlimited bandwidth…..


    Henry Wright


    The hosting package you should choose depends on a few things. In general, give consideration to all of these things:

    • How many visitors you’ll get
    • Is your website’s functionality resource-hungry? Stuff like dynamic image resizing will be a heavy load on the server
    • Price of the hosting package
    • Hosting support. Does the hosting package come with good technical support?
    • Reliability. Is there an uptime guarantee or is it expected that your server will have lots of downtime?
    • more…

    Hopefully that will help you in your research to find a good hosting service.



    Yah I just wanted to make a university private social networking site..
    I think there may be around 10-20 visitors at a time in the starting, and if after few days there may be increase in visitors…
    There is a good hosting support…
    Yah the server is reliable..

    And one more thing @henrywright,
    I have already started working on this, and also have installed the bpchat plugin. That was a great suggestion and thanks for that. I want only the friends to be shown rather than all the members of the website for the chat option.
    The thing is that it is asking to change the options by the user which can be misused….
    Please tell me a way so that I can give the option for them that they can only see the members who are their friends…Like in the case of facebook…

    Henry Wright


    I want only the friends to be shown rather than all the members of the website for the chat option

    I’m not very familiar with the plugin’s code. Have you tried asking on the BuddyDev support forum?



    no i will try it..
    thanks @henrywright



    Should be possible, I like the bp-chat plugin and will install that myself.

    For other facebook style features I have been quite successful in implementing some here:




    Try using CometChat, been using it for sometime and so far the app has done justice plus theme feature allows you to change you Chat theme like facebook theme , Hangout theme etc

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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