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Can I give users one post instead of a blog? Would the forum do this?

  • Ruth Maude


    I think that allowing users a blog is over the top for most users. What I really want to do is just give users one post…. Their Story on the site that is in an appropriate category. I don’t think extended profiles is quite what I want because I have a lot of old stories on the site that I want to move into WordPress…

    There are three story categories now
    Babies & Children Clubfoot Stories
    Teens & Adults Clubfoot Stories
    CBMI Clubfoot Stories

    I want to replicate what I have now in buddypress allowing community members to be able to add their own story or edit it… keep it up-to-date and add a new photo or two. Each user should only be able to edit their own story page… I guess this is sort of like an extended profile but needs to have tags to sort stories and read like a story not just a short description on a profile page.

    I want people to be able to select a tag and find the story that is related.

    Maybe the Forum should be renamed to Clubfoot Stories and each story is a topic in the forum would that work?

    ~ Ruth

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