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Can I have multiple, separate job boards and fourms in one site?

  • spacerust


    What I am trying to do is, I am involved with this app project that is geared towards college students. We are launching the app in maybe 6 different campuses (once this virus is over).

    What I am looking for is a fourm plugin, and a job message board plugin, that would allow me to make multiple (separate) bulletin board forums, and also separate job boards for each different University.

    So say, a student from NIU want to post something to the NIU Fourms, and also job board or look for a job ONLY for the NIU campus. Etc .. .Or another student from another university will look at their university’s forum and job board.

    Can this be done? Maybe using buddypress as the plugin that ties everything together (forums, and job boards)? Any advice would be great. Stay virus free!

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