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Can I put links to Buddy Press features in regular menu system?

  • PatrickJunk


    I apologize if this has been addressed elsewhere, but my search here didn’t turn anything up.

    The blackish BP bar across the top of the website. I know that this:

    define(‘BP_DISABLE_ADMIN_BAR’, true);

    …can be used to hide it. Our client will want us to do that. But before we do that, I want to be able to link to all of these features using the regular menu system. Our target market is older (70-plus), and just grasping social media will be hard enough for some of them. The added menu bar will definitely be confusing. So we’d like to be able to choose which links and features of BP to add to our menu system. For instance, they will use the messaging system (inbox), and their personal settings like the avatar, but we won’t introduce “groups”, “forums” or even the dashboard until later.

    Since one has to be logged in to use the BP features, the links created in that bar are of course dynamic, based on the variable represented by who is logged in. So I suppose a link like this might work (my code is probably bad, but hopefully you understand what I’m going for):

    `<a href=”activity/my-friends”>`

    But we can’t get that to work as a menu item. Can anyone help? Is this even possible?

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