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Can I Use BuddyPress to simulate/replace Google Groups

  • HelgaTheViking


    I’m running a WordPress site for my sports team and I’d like to track membership dues/accept payments, etc with a membership plugin. Paid members would automatically be added to an email group where anyone who is in the group can contact the entire group. I can’t imagine us ever having more than 100 members at any one time. Ideally, I’d like the members to be able to email the group without logging in to the WP Admin. I have too many non-techies and I’d never explain it to them…. whereas emailing something like is simple. It isn’t important to have them hanging out on our site all day, i’m just looking for a way to connect a listserv with membership tracking.

    Not new to WP, but totally new to BP so I’m not sure what is available and what the BP capabilities include. Thanks for indulging me.

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