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Can this plugin be used to create a site like

  • siddjain


    We are trying to build a site like using the wordpress platform.

    We want people to be able to create competitions.

    Associated with a competition would be:
    – teams participating in it. A user can be part of only one team.
    – a discussion board. Thus there is a separate board per competition.

    A user can participate concurrently in multiple competitions.

    E.g., Shyam might be part of team RoadWarriors for a competition to predict the next president and simultaneously he can part of team ReformedGamblers for the competition to predict winner of next world cup.

    What Shyam cannot do is participate in two teams for the same competition.

    Does the BuddyPress plugin support such features?

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  • shanebp


    BP has Groups which could be used for competition – each group could be a competition that has its own forum.

    For Teams you will need to write custom code.

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