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Can we use BuddyPress and charge members subscriptions?

  • rhek



    I have a spec for a social networking site. I was getting ready to start coding, but then someone mentioned that WordPress and Buddypress could be a solution for me. Part of the spec was to provide free basic membership subscriptions, but also have a premium membership subscription available for a fee. Is this allowed if I use WordPress and Buddypress for this project? I am from a .Net environment and I am use to coding everything. Using an Open Source solution is totally new to me and I do not know what I can do and what I cannot do legally with open source.


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  • modemlooper


    Welcome to open source, you’re going to love it as there are many pieces of the code puzzle already created for you,especially with WordPress and BuddyPress. If you do get involved in open source projects please give back by releasing your custom code to be used freely by others. Any plugin/theme you get from is under a GPL license and you can take that code and do whatever you wish with it.

    You can use the s2 membership plugin with BuddyPress to create a membership site.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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