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Can you check if this is intended activity stream behaviour in BP 1.6 please?

  • rossagrant


    Hey guys,

    Just working on a new site with BP 1.6 and have noticed that since it’s final release it would appear that activity stream snippets no longer get bumped to the top of the stream when a post is re-edited?

    When you used to edit a post and hit update, it would jump back up to the top of the stream.

    Is this right, and is it intended.

    I have also noticed that editing a post’s image or body text and hitting update doesn’t actually update the activity stream snippet either.

    Could someone check if this happens on their install so I can rule out any issues.

    I think the activity stream should push through updates to body text or images in a post surely?

    Thanks for your time!

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  • I hadn’t noticed that, I hope it IS intended behaviour as I always found it annoying having small edits bump the post back to the top.

    Intended. See for a lot of discussion.

    Roger Coathup


    @rossagrant – if you want to keep the bumping of posts on edit, you should be able to hook on to the edit_post or pre_post_update actions, and modify the datetime of the corresponding activity item.

    Be careful though, as edit_post is also invoked when comments are added, so you’ll need to catch that condition. [not sure if that’s also the case with pre_post_update]



    Thanks for all the info everyone.

    I don’t have too much of an opinion on the bumping, but I do think the original activity stream post SHOULD be updated if the content changes.

    Sometimes I’ll publish a post, then 10 minutes later change the post image etc.

    Would be nice if the stream would take into account this update, even if it doesn’t bump it to the top.

    What does everyone else think?

    Roger Coathup


    @rossagrant — I think it’s a site by site, use case by use case, issue. I don’t think one or the other approach should be forced. Would be nice if the core functions for blog post updates / edits provided a parameter to set one or the other behaviour.

    Some sites may want a snapshot in time, others will want activity stream content that evolves with changes to the underlying content.

    I suspect in the majority of cases, edited blog posts after publishing are relatively rare, but can also envisage situations where they are a fundamental part of the site operation — and may also require bumping to the top of the stream.

    You also have the issue of minor edits (fixing typos) versus major edits (fundamental content changes) — they may logically need handling in different ways, but are complex to differentiate between in code.

    In the short term, the solution is to build or own hooks to give site specific behaviour.



    @rogercoathup totally agree Roger. I think the best solution would be to build in an option for site owners to decide which way they would like the stream to behave.

    Would be awesome if that were possible!



    …so did this bump-to-top get reintroduced in 1.6.1. It was fine in 1.6, after 1.6.1 I just noticed the edited posts get bumped again.

    my opinion. if WP doesn’t bump your posts up your posts loop when you edit a post, why should activity be any different, in default. If you want that functionality for WP, then you create a customization to bump edited posts to top. Same should be true for activity. This shouldn’t be default behavior. If activities get lost in the abyss, that’s just what it is. you need some kind of “retweet button” to bump it back to the top if you want it to refeature it in the stream. Now I need to be the one to customize it to perform standard behavior.

    What is the fix I need?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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