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Can you have a regular WP site AND BuddyPress?

  • thomasjames


    I have my site hosted and have installed WP MU and BP. It’s

    I want to have a main site and integrate BuddyPress but not have BP be the whole site like it is now. I was told by the hosting company (who has installed more than 2000 MU/BP sites) that my install is the way to do it. I want a regular WP blog for the homepage and links to BP. Is this possible since BP has a home page of it’s own?

    I see where I can create a Blog (Blog vs. Blogs link) but I want it to be the home page.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Thomas

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  • Burt Adsit


    The bp home theme is entirely optional. You can use your preferred wp theme for all the usual things and integrate whatever selected features what you want into the theme. Or none at all. The member theme is still available through the top admin bar.

    See this in the codex:



    Thank you Burt! It looks like I can add any widget-enabled theme and the home page will change to it, then I can add the widgets for BP (i.e., Blogs, Members, Groups etc.). I also want to change the BP theme for users so it closely matches the look and feel of the overall site. I’ll figure that out.

    Thanks so much,


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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