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Can You Help Me?

  • Preeta Singh


    Hello, I am a big fan of BuddyPress,
    I have installed and recommended it several of websites,
    I am small grade web developer with little knowledge of php and other languages.

    Now I would like to suggest you the biggest demand of the BuddyPress is:
    Blog Posting from Front-end, with easy form fields, including predefined categories and tag field.

    Please don’t recommend thirt-party plugins, they don’t work well, I’ve tried all with my hindi shayari website.

    I believe in built-in system of posting from front-end like, status update and I am sure, adding this system to BuddyPress, will take it to highest level in the world of social networking script. All the developers this is my humble request please think about it.


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  • Venutius


    Hi there, I don’t think BuddyPress will launch a front end post submission extension. You could raise this as a new enhancement request in Trac if you like but I’d not be very hopeful that this would be forthcoming.

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