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Can you point me in the right direction?

  • kidneywishes


    I am in the middle of setting up a non-profit for those in the kidney transplant community. We currently can only be found on Facebook, but need something more. I have been searching for a theme that will allow me to provide a social network as well as areas for information directly related to three separate groups, past and future donors, past and future recipients, and pediatric.

    While I have seen themes that would work I have one other requirement that I feel is a must. I need the theme to be responsive, and work on tablets and mobile phones as well. This will allow people to take part in the community or find needed information while having their dialysis treatments. They are stuck sitting, attached to a machine that filters their blood for an average of 6 hours, three days a week for adults, for children it is 11 hours daily and their parents need both something to do and support.

    I was hoping you could recommend a theme that may work for this so that I can get our web site up and going. Cost is an issue as well. I may work 80+ hours a week but I’m only paid in love and the knowledge that I’m saving lives. I value both, but they are not a currency I can purchase software with.

    I am doing something that has never been done before, by encouraging donors and recipients to interact, instead of segregating them to their own separate groups, and amazing things are happening! This type of support is needed, and I have people worldwide that are taking part and gaining information and the hope necessarily to push forward and survive. If you would like to see what I’m doing or know a donor or recipient that would enjoy Kidney Wishes, please feel free to send them to our Facebook page at

    Please let me know if you have any ideas of themes that will work or tips that will help me along the way. Thank you for your kindness and consideration on this matter, I hope to receive word from you soon.

    With kindest regards,

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  • Some hard requirements; the only ones I can think of that come close are Frisco @ or Custom Community @

    Good luck



    Thank you Paul! I know there are some difficult requirements and that’s why I’ve been having issues finding the right theme. I do have some finances I can invest in a theme, but can’t spend over $100 on it, and need to know it will work with buddy press as well as being responsive. There are some AMAZING responsive themes out there, but I have no clue if they will work with buddypress.

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